Hope Beyond Our Community

Through our Charitable Supply Chain we distribute resources from our warehouse to those affected by poverty and disaster. We share goods with ministries and nonprofit organizations in our region that serve the needy. We provide logistical support and send goods to developing countries globally. We support work in rural poverty areas, inner cities, Native American reservations and migrant communities across the United States and into many of the poorest countries in the world.

The supply chain is also our workforce development program where we train individuals from the inner city in workplace valuable skills and behaviors.

During times of disaster we collect and ship emergency relief aid to disaster areas, both in America and abroad, as well as coordinating donations from churches in the USA.

Supporting Christians in the Holy Land and Middle East

We have shipped multiple forty-foot containers filled with relief goods to Christian humanitarian organizations in countries such as: Syria, Iraq, Israel, Palestine, and Egypt. While there are many international relief organizations that bring aid to the Jews and Muslims, very few offer support to Christians.

Hope for Lumberton
Lumberton is a poverty pocket in the deep rural southern part of North Carolina. Both hurricane Matthew and Florence devastated this area and left it struggling to recover. Hope Charitable Services has been significant part of the relief efforts for both of these disasters. To find out how you can help please visit Hope 4 Lumberton today! 
Over the years we have hosted mission trips to Jamaica including, crusades, children’s ministry, feeding programs, and community outreach. We have frequently sent humanitarian relief and built homes for the poor. Please see our Bucket of Hope website for additional information.